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Friday, November 28, 2008

[ANN] Release of OpenERP 5.0.0-rc1

Hi Folks,

We have the pleasure to announce the first release candidate of OpenERP 5.0

There is a lot of bug fixes and improvements for this release.

You will find the Windows installers and the tarball archives on OpenERP download page.
The web client (a.k.a eTiny) will be available with the next release.

You can contribute to OpenERP on LaunchPad.

* OpenObject Project on LaunchPad:
* Translations: (currently not up to date, stay tunes for news)
* Bug Reporting:
* Feature Request:

You can still get the source using bazaar:
$> bzr clone lp:openerp
$> mkdir trunk
$> cd openerp
$> ./ ../trunk

For more information, take a look on the wiki and the forum.

The Tiny Team,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Improvement for the win-installer-trunk

With the version 5.0.0-alpha of OpenERP, there is a new branch with all dependencies, to create a new installer for Windows from scratch.

But there were some problems with the dependencies, especially
pydot, reportlab, pychart and pytz.

I created an unofficial installer for pydot 1.0.2 and pytz 2008i.

Also, don't forget that there is a bug in the matplotlib 0.9.3 package. I repeat, this bug does not come from OpenERP. There is a bug report for this version, and I expect a new version with the fix.
Don't panic, because there is a small fix in my installers :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

OpenERP released

I have the pleasure to announce the release of OpenERP (stable).

This release contains an update of the french translation and some fixes for the printing of reports and the attachment.

ChangeLog Server:

* Bugfix for a divide by zero
* Update the french translation

ChangeLog Client:

* Fix with the printer on Windows
* Fix a bug with the reports

Download Links:

Monday, November 3, 2008

ThisIt is an important date - OpenERP 5.0 alpha is present !!!

Hi Folks!

The new major version of OpenERP contains a new installer for Windows

  • It checks if there is a previous installation of OpenERP

  • If there is a previous installation of PostgreSQL, does not overwrite the current installation

  • this installer comes with PostgreSQL 8.3

  • You can install only one instance of each component (Client, Server)

You will find three installers

You can download it at this address and send your bug report to LaunchPad

Don't forget that you can contribute to OpenERP with LaunchPad !
How To Contribute