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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Community Days - Meeting 2008

Preparing the next stable version of OpenERP.
Focusing on the simplification and ergonomics of the system: improving the tool and the quality of the software (It means improving existing tool and not working on new modules)
Improving communication and development processes between the community and partners.

Targets :
Developers: Who will develop and follow the guidance fixed by the work group on particular the subjects.
Consultants / Professionals: who will bring their reflections in terms of professional competence. We would like to benefit, on priority basis, from the presence of Accountants (accounting experts) who will help us improve the competence of the software in that field.
The software users (confirmed and non-confirmed): who can provide us with feedback on their experiences and contribute towards the global reflection on improving the software.
Our partners: who will bring their expertise in the integration of the software in different companies.
General users/contributors: We will also focus on improving works between the 3 actors: edtior/partner/community: better workflow to process patch, bugs and feature requests.

Community Days

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