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Friday, November 28, 2008

[ANN] Release of OpenERP 5.0.0-rc1

Hi Folks,

We have the pleasure to announce the first release candidate of OpenERP 5.0

There is a lot of bug fixes and improvements for this release.

You will find the Windows installers and the tarball archives on OpenERP download page.
The web client (a.k.a eTiny) will be available with the next release.

You can contribute to OpenERP on LaunchPad.

* OpenObject Project on LaunchPad:
* Translations: (currently not up to date, stay tunes for news)
* Bug Reporting:
* Feature Request:

You can still get the source using bazaar:
$> bzr clone lp:openerp
$> mkdir trunk
$> cd openerp
$> ./ ../trunk

For more information, take a look on the wiki and the forum.

The Tiny Team,

1 comment:

phicarre said...

I am new with bazarr, launchpad, openerp ...

I installed bazarr on windows
when I type "bzr clone:openerp" I receive the following message:
"you have not informed of your launchpad ID...."

what does it means ? I must be registered